About the Author

Grace K. Meachum began writing in seventh grade on the beaches of Traverse City, MI and has never stopped. The idea for Auras in the Mist developed while in high school, and the world of Endure began to grow. She hand drew the map to help coordinate her thoughts. Little did she know at the time that the map would end up in the printed book. While studying and running her way through Aquinas College, Grace made time to complete the first book.

It wasn't until 2020, that Grace's hobby turned into a business. She opened Myswell Write in order to begin the process of self-publishing. After a long road of editing, design, and finally printing, Auras in the Mist was finally a completed work. Grace was extremely excited upon delivery of the books, and she hopes that you will feel the same way.

Grace is currently working on its sequel in the Aura Trilogy.