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Myswell Write

Auras in the Mist

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Within a hidden mountain dwelling, a new race with unnatural gifts, powerful beings with both elven and human ancestry, thrive.

The aura.

Even as the spirited teen known as Fleta attempts to discover the aura buried beneath her skin, she fears she is only human. Fleta’s uncertainty grows with each passing year and each departure of younger auras to their calling.

An episode of terror, leads to revelation. Under the orders of Commander Xerxes, with war between the ancient races looming in the background, a group of rebellious outcasts force Fleta into an army of superior aura.

Threats from Thaddeus and Hal, who can burn and paralyze with nothing more than a thought, buy Fleta's silence forever: either train under Thaddeus or lose her only friend and her fatherly mentor.

All the while, Fleta wonders what secret strength inside her struggles to be released.